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Field Guides for the Way are spiritual practice kits delivered to your home.

Field Guides for the Way offer the intentionality and practice of a contemplative retreat woven into your everyday life. Subscribe and you will receive four spiritual practice kits, one each season for a year. Each beautifully curated kit contains materials for a creative, contemplative journey: reflection prompts, stories, poems, instructions and supplies for practices, and tangible reminders of God’s love for you.

REST (Field Guide Only)

REST (Field Guide Only)


Our world is a place of hurry, productivity, and rush, but God invites us into deep rest. The invitation to rest is written into the pattern of creation. Rest is an act of counter-cultural resistance, as we dare to trust in a God who does not need our ceaseless striving. When we rest, we claim the promise of God’s abundance.

Journey with this four-week field guide into practices of rest.

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REST (Interactive Journal Only)
A journey into God’s invitation of deep rest.

The REST interactive journal contains approximately 20 invitations into spiritual practice and includes a verse card and poem/art card. You will need the following supplies to fully explore this journey:

  • candle

  • bubbles

  • anointing oil

  • washi tape

  • watercolor paints and brush

  • watercolor paper

  • photo holder

(These supplies are included with the “full kit” version.)

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