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Field Guides for the Way are spiritual practice kits delivered to your home.

Field Guides for the Way offer the intentionality and practice of a contemplative retreat woven into your everyday life. Subscribe and you will receive four spiritual practice kits, one each season for a year. Each beautifully curated kit contains materials for a creative, contemplative journey: reflection prompts, stories, poems, instructions and supplies for practices, and tangible reminders of God’s love for you.

BELOVED (Field Guide Only)

BELOVED (Field Guide Only)


Belovedness is where we begin. God’s love for us is as vast as the ocean and as close as our breath. What does it look like to rest in that love? To deepen our knowledge of that love and to more fully experience it?

This fall, take your soul on a journey with our fall field guide “Beloved,” an exploration of God’s love for you.

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BELOVED (Interactive Journal Only)
Autumn Field Guide
Experiencing God’s love for you

The BELOVED digital journal contains approximately 20 invitations into spiritual practice. You will need the following supplies to fully explore this journey:

  • candle

  • collage images

  • glue stick

  • paper hearts

  • heart-shaped stone

  • tea bag

  • waterproof marker

  • paint brush

  • gold paint

(These supplies are included with the “full kit” version.)

 PRICE: $29 plus tax - includes domestic shipping

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  • Special group rates

  • International shipping rates (Customers outside the USA are responsible for import fees.)

This is a re-release of our fall 2018 field guide. If you have already used this field guide, watch for a new one releasing in winter!

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