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Frequently Asked Questions

What’s with the name?

A life of faith is a beautiful adventure! We chose the name Field Guides for the Way to evoke that sense of adventure, discovery and exploration. Our hope is that Field Guides for the Way is a gentle companion as you journey deeper into God’s love.

Field Guides: Both Kristen and I (Stephanie) each have a small collection of nature field guides that help us learn more about the flora and fauna we encounter on our wilderness wanderings. In this way we grow in intimacy with our experience of the natural world. Field guides don’t tell us where or how to travel; they help us come to understand what surrounds us, wherever we are. Our hope is that Field Guides for the Way invites you into a deeper intimacy in your relationship with God, your own heart, your life.

The Way: Early Christians referred to themselves as followers of “the way.” These words speak to the Christian tradition in which Field Guides for the Way is rooted. They also remind us that the spiritual life is about the journey not the destination. In the terrain of God’s infinite love, we are both forever wandering and forever at home.

What is a field guide?

A field guide is an interactive journal that includes stories, poems, scripture, reflection questions and invitations into creative practice. Every field guide centers around a particular theme. We offer each field guide as part of a full spiritual practice kit, as a stand-alone journal, and as a digital download.

What is included in a full spiritual practice kit?

Included in each full kit is a field guide, which is an interactive journal with stories, poems, scripture, reflection questions and invitations into creative practice. The field guide contains a small card with a scripture verse to reflect on throughout the season as well as an art print and poem. Also included are the unique supplies needed to engage in the practices. For example, the Beloved kit contains the following supplies: candle, glue stick, waterproof pen, collage images, card stock, small mirror, gold paint, paintbrush, art print, tea bag, and heart stone.

Why are there three different versions of the same field guide?

Our field guides are designed to be part of a full kit that includes all the materials needed to enter into the journey. However, in order to make our content available to more people, we are happy to offer the field guide in two other options—as a stand alone journal or as a digital download.

How do I use a field guide?

Each field guide offers a rich experience of creative, contemplative practice that will be as unique as you are. Because of the gentle and accessible nature of the invitations, Field Guides for the Way can be used individually in your daily quiet time, as content for a small group, or for individual and group retreats.

How is a mini kit different from a full kit?

Each full spiritual practice kit is designed to take you through an entire season of spiritual practice and has 4 full movements, each with 5 0r 6 invitations into spiritual reflection and practice. Our mini kit is just a taste of Field Guides for the Way, offering 5 invitations total to take you through one week or perhaps one full day of spiritual reflection and practice. 

Can I send a kit as a gift?

Absolutely! Our spiritual practice kits and field guides make wonderful gifts. Be sure to put the recipient’s name and address as the shipping address if you’d like it sent directly.

Are there options for bulk orders?

Our field guides and spiritual practice kits are a great option for small groups and retreats. Participating in Field Guides for the Way as a community is a wonderful way to deepen the journey. Please contact us about ordering in bulk. Additionally, if you are interested in customized content to better fit your community's needs, we would love to talk to you.

Are there scholarships available?

Yes! Through the generosity of friends and family who believe in this good work, we have a small scholarship fund available for those who would like to participate in Field Guides for the Way and need a little help with the cost. If this applies to you, please email us to let us know your interest. (If you would like to donate to the scholarship fund, you can contribute on our contact page.)

How are these different from other faith-based subscription services?

Field Guides for the Way is unique in our focus on spiritual practice. Each kit is designed to invite you deeper into your own journey with God through guided practice. Rather than offering you more information to fill your head or items to fill your home, each spiritual practice kit offers you a rich experience of creative, contemplative practice that will be as unique as you are. Each artisanal kit has been carefully crafted and is created from our love, produced in small batches, and assembled in our homes by hand. 

How are the kits made?

The content of each field guide and kit is written and curated carefully by Kristen and Stephanie, who weave their own stories and poems with beautiful content from other voices. Our interactive journals are printed locally in the Bay Area and assembled by hand.

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